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About Us

About Lake Macquarie Dental Practice

Lake Macquarie Dental Practice is a family run dental practice, owned and managed by husband and wife team Dr Eric Asis and Practice Manager Rachel Asis. After working for five years in four different practices across Charlestown, Belmont, Warners Bay and Tanilba Bay, Dr Eric decided to open his own practice locally, delivering his high standard for all his patients. Dr Eric’s vision is to provide the best possible outcome by focusing on patient care customized to individual needs. Your smile is important to us and it can change lives!

We opened in September 2009 inside Lake Macquarie Shopping Centre, it was a great place to start up and after being in the shopping Centre for a few years we realized we needed room to grow and provide accessible premises for our patients.  In 2015 we re-located to The Esplanade in Warners Bay with a stunning lake view and a brand-new purpose-built surgery to offer our patients the best in dental services.

Our Practice values feedback and we strive to achieve a successful outcome for each patient. Hearing the words “we never thought a dental visit could be so painless” is a much-loved phrase here at our practice. Our focus is to have each patient come away feeling positive about their experience and let go of any fear around visiting the dentist.

Our patients are locals just like we are, and they provide great services to the community, we have terrific teachers, super mums, dedicated doctors, magic mechanics, fighting firemen, missionaries from different areas of the world and lots of lovely grandparents.

Each of our patients is very important to us and we appreciate you trusting us with your dental care. A healthy, beautiful smile is an important part of feeling confident and complete, we believe that this something everyone can achieve.

Here at Lake Macquarie Dental Practice we pride ourselves on delivering successful dental solutions, changing lives one smile at a time! Whatever your dental needs or goals, we can provide you the quality care you deserve!

Lake Macquarie Dental Practice
Lake Macquarie Dental Practice

Meghan Bakarich


Dr Meg grew up in Newcastle, and originally studied Pharmacy at Newcastle University, but after deciding it was not the best fit for her, she moved to the Gold Coast to study Dentistry at Griffith University. After graduating she relocated back to Newcastle, so she could raise her young family. Meg started working here at Lake Macquarie Dental Practice in December 2017 after working for several years in Nelson Bay. Meg always likes to make sure her patients feel comfortable and have a better understanding of their oral health. She strives to give every patient the best possible care with her attention to detail. Meg is currently working part time whilst also looking after her two young children. 

When not at work, Meg is usually at kids’ playgrounds, shopping, or walking along the beach. 

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