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Privacy of Information

We do not out source, share or sell any of our patients medical records to any third parties, it remains the property of Lake Macquarie Dental Practice.

We are required by federal regulation to retain your medical records for a period of 7 years after which they are destroyed.

Transfer of Records

If you move or need to see a specialist please contact us and we can send your dental records including any xrays to your nominated Practioner.

Time Management

If you make a time to see us and do not turn up to the appointment you may be charged a $60.00 fee for non-attendance.


Payment of accounts is strictly pay as you go, meaning if you receive treatment on that day we expect you to make payment on that day.

There may be procedures that are done over two or three appointments and payments may be broken up in those instances to be paid over the course of treatment. This must be arranged with the Dentist and/or Practice Manager.