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penthroxpicDo you have anxiety when it comes to a dental visit? We can help you, we offer Penthrox to our patients who need a little extra help when it comes to treatment in the chair. Most of our patients who start off using Penthrox for their initial visit realize that it’s okay; we are here to help and not to hurt. So usually by the third or fourth visit they are comfortable enough not to require it any longer.

Penthrox is administered in by a single use inhaler device. The patient can hold it comfortably and inhale as required during treatment. Penthrox is used by St John’s Ambulance Australia and is safe to use for both Adults and Children. Penthrox is much easier to use than the traditional laughing gas (nitrous oxide). If you need further information on this service you are welcome to call and ask.

General Anaesthesia

We offer treatment under General Anesthesia when surgery is required, i.e. wisdom teeth removal. We can also offer it as an option if you prefer to receive Dental treatment this way, especially if you have extensive work to be completed and suffer from dental anxiety. We will do everything we can to help you feel comfortable being treated in the chair. However we understand that it is not for everyone, so you are welcome to choose this option should the need arise.

Dr Asis has privileges at both Newcastle Private Hospital and Hunter Valley Private Hospital. We will always try to accommodate personal preference in this area, we also need to be able to work with the hospital’s schedule. If you require more information on this option please call us.

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