Our Mission and Values

//Our Mission and Values
Our Mission and Values 2018-01-08T22:00:48+00:00


  • To provide our patients with the best possible care to meet their individual needs.
  • Educate our patients to enable them to make the right decisions for their oral health.
  • To change lives ones smile at a time!


  • Have the most accessible, friendly, and reputable Dental Practice in Lake Macquarie
  • Reduce anxiety and stress for patients before treatment
  • Treat our patients as we would treat the members of our own families
  • Educate and engage patients on how to take care of their oral health and their families health
  • Promote a healthy culture towards Dental Visits for all patients
  • Value our patients as people in the community

Our Values

We value feedback and strive to achieve a 100% successful outcome for each patient. Hearing the words “we never thought a dental visit could be so painless” is a much loved phrase here at our practice.Our main focus is to have each patient come away feeling positive about their experience and let go of any fear around visiting the dentist!

Many of our patients provide great services to the community, we have terrific teachers, super mums, dedicated doctors, magic mechanics, fighting firemen, missionaries from different areas of the world and lots of lovely grandparents. We love our community and we dedicate all our efforts into making it a better place…

Each of our patients is very important to us;we really appreciate you trusting us with your dental care.

Lake Macquarie Dental Practice
Changing lives one smile at a time!